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Went to see Ethan's concert today. There were a lot of issues for the performers, but overall I enjoyed myself. I reallllly love this girl Stephs voice. It's like a mix of Feist, Regina Spektor, and a black soul singer. Mmmm mmm good. I'm hella jealous, but I suppose it's okay. I'd rather be me with a crap voice than anyone else with a heavenly voice. 

Another girl played an absolutely beautiful piece on the piano. Do any of you know Comptine d'une autre ete? It's by Yann Tiersen. The piano piece was so lovely, I actually teared up a bit and got shivers. Amazing. Of course, I'd die if she found out... lol, I don't even know her! But she has good taste in music. 

Haha, embarassing fact time. Another song that always gives me shivers is "Memory" from Cats. The crescendo near the end is freaking beautiful, and that's the part that gives me goosebumps. Every time. A little dorky, but there you are. 

I bought Nana 9 and 10 because I'm way behind, but I find that I'm too scared to read it. It's getting super depressing! Poor Hachi, poor Nana, poor Nobu... agh. I used to be so excited that I couldn't wait to read the next volume, but now I'm shying away... Nana angst makes me sad, maybe it's because I feel I'm a little too much like Hachi, and when her life is fucked up I know what she's feeling.

Wait, that's dorky too. Sorry guys!

I really don't want to work tomorrow morning... I really hate working mornings. And if that old man Ed is working again I'm going to kill myself. He's such a grouch to like... everyone under 25. Like we can't do anything right. What a jerk. He was a kid once too. Maybe he was a bad kid and that's why he thinks all other kids are no good? Or maybe he had a bitter experience with kids. I speculate on things like that. Like, why do people have to be so prejudiced?

Kid prejudice. How odd.

Although I suppose I'm a little kid prejudiced. But really, I'm just not big on children because so many people seem to be bad parents. Or perhaps it's just that I've worked in a grocery store for two years, or my bad experiences babysitting. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up like Old Man Ed and hate all kids in my old age. But I plan to be a crazy old lady anyway, so it won't matter. No kids will want to trick or treat at my house.

I want to join that group of old ladies who wear purple with red hats (or is it orange hats?) I adore everything they stand for. And if it's out, I'll totally bring it back. I want to do everything in my old age that I'm holding back now.

Sorry for all the meaningless prattle, I'm reallllly tired. Guess I'll force myself to read the next Nana, cry because it's so effing depressing, and go to bed.


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